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Day 345 - Grendel Monster :iconsneakywolf117:sneakywolf117 5 0
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United States
Im still fairly new to art the beginning of my daily drawings are some of my first pieces in fact. Though quickly art has become my everything. I love to spend most my time doing some form of art and plan on trying all forms at some point or another.



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Wild Berf
A drawing of a wild Berf! Wanted to play around a bit.
Thank you!
This is the one year anniversary of the BSD server going public! Which also means its been one year since Ive been following along with BSD as a whole! Thank you to everyone who have helped me along in life and made me smile! 
Day 365
WOO! Me is happy! Now Ive done one full year of daily drawings though I have been less... persistent on posting them. What I did was some of my greatest inspirations that helped me through everything whether it be my daily drawings or otherwise. They all hold very special places in my heart and I regard very highly. Being in an artistic community 500 many treating me like family its been HARD to narrow it down to this! This is not to say others arent helpful in the slightest if youre one of those I talk to a lot and you arent on here know that I think no less of you! It was hard to get down even these characters in the allotted time frame and even then as you can see I had a lot of troubles here. Im even now realizing I forgot the characters on the human (birb) on the left, but Im too lazy to fix that. Now to get onto the fun part and explain whos here and why!
Lets start off with the most prominent in this! The massive lovable werewolf of TsaoShin's that I call Floof! Eric was one of the first people who I *really* studied from and who gave me huge insight on art and who has shown me immeasurable kindness! Hes also the one to have started BSD the aforementioned community and has just done so much for me and others. He is truly fantastic and I owe him a lot for his help!
Now to that cute little cat whos hanging off that werewolf! That little loaf of cuteness is kr1st1naa's! One of my first close friends to have shown me kindness (and a whole lot of sass early on) and just a really amazing person! She has helped me so much and has done so much to personally help me learn to grow artistically! Really shes the reason I learned anatomy and digital shading (I need to do more digital stuff....) as well as help in just a ton of stuff! Kr1st1naas artwork is incredible and breath taking! When given the rare opportunity to commission an artist she was who I went to and is currently the only person I have managed to throw money at! I dont regret that decision for a second either! I dont think I couldve gotten anywhere near where I am without her haha certainly couldnt have done this! Shes also the one to introduce me to needlefelt which is something I adore very much!
On to the cute little Brit (midget) to the right of both of them! Gala is someone I deeply care for and who I adore! Shes helped me a lot and has such an adorable art style! I should know because she draws so many adorable arts for me! Gala is just an incredibly kind loving adorable person! Love ya Gala! <3
To the far right we have a certain scarf weilding shapeshifter! Also my clone. That clone being Bells-And-BubblesStd who is incredible! She has taught me so much and is really incredible! Seeing her grow has been incredible! She is unimaginably smart and talented! Really sweet and just all round helpful too!
Peeking up from the left there at the bottom is MarzKartoons! Marz is super sweet and adorable! Shes also a huge artistic inspiration for me! Just look at her arrrttttsssss! She has the best style! Really fun to draw characters too! Seriously her art is so gorgeous and well done and hnnnngggg!
Now going to that there birb in disguise on the far left! AwesomeAndo here really helpful person, incredibly smart, one of the funniest people I know hes just super awesome! Hes helped me threw so much and cheered me up quite a bit! All above that of course he is, indeed, a birb. This is fact. If he argues this dont listen to him. Chronic lier that one. He is %100 without a doubt pure birb.
Onto who hes carrying! That right there is DK! IronKnightKarkat's adorable little devil kippen! Devil is also someone I hold very near and dear! Shes helped me out for quite a while now is just really persistent! Something thats really important in dealing with me haha. Shes so amazing!
Saving the best for last! berf! That little fox resting against that were is someone who is incredibly important to me! Im not even going to attempt to express how amazing she is and how much she means to me because theres just no way I can come close haha. Really Berf has been a massive help and someone that has been one of the most influential in my life!
(as you can probably tell I got tired of typing after Kr1st1naa...)
Day 349 - Blacklight
This was meant to be something like a detective investigating with a blacklight but eh. Dont like how it turned out.


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